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Metal Night- Benefit for Sterling, Our Moonie Girl
March 10, 2017 · 6:00 pm · 9:59 pm
West End Trading Co.
This is a benefit for local band promoter and friend to many, Sterling Rose, also known as Moonie or Silver Moon. She is also known as being part of Superfox Promotions. I'll present the benefit show information, then after I will present most of the backstory to the current situation.

Bands donating their time and talent to this event:

~Darkness by Design
~Beyond Silence (a special ONE TIME reunion show for Moonie!)
~More TBA!

Doors at 8, show starts at 9. The venue has food and a 2-4-1 drink special until 9! Looking for local sponsors who would share this event and invite friends/fans to their page. I will update sponsor information as we receive it. Admission cost is still being determined, that will also be updated.

Backstory to current situation: Sterling entered a Florida hospital ICU in critical care condition on Dec 16th. She arrived by ambulance; she was unresponsive at a gas station with her purse, phone, cash, and all other belongings gone. She was given CPR as she was in a state of seizures (she doesn't have history of these) and according to the Dr's she had anoxic brain injury, moved up to Neuro ICU, and was unresponsive for five full days. On the fifth day, Dr's highly suggested I take her off of life support as they said she would forever remain in a vegetative state. When I went to her room to tell her this, she then immediately started crying, and it wasn't a reflexive couple of tears. It was a full blown sob, with her eyes squinting, her mouth contorted, and many tears streaming down. I advised the staff I was at that point not comfortable with their advice and said she needs time and rest to heal. As of today 1/27/17, she has since moved to ICU, then to a regular admissions room. In this past month, two weeks really, she has responded to commands, her body is waking up more every day, she has smiled at me, she has beat the pneumonia and throat infection she had, she's talked with her voice through a passe valve several times and even talked on the phone with her gramma, sister & nephew, she filemed a video of her waving hi to friends, she cries both pain and emotional tears, and she had a peg placed in her stomach and a trach placed in her throat. Her improvements every day are incredible. Amazingly, on top of everything else, she has beat a 2nd odd...she was diagnosed recently with Lance Adams disease, which has an 88% fatality rate. 11% remain in a vegetative state, and a mere 3% survive with good outcomes. She is not part of that 3%. She has essentially beat dying twice now. A true miracle she is! She has had numerous blood tests, three MRI's, and an incredible amount of medication both for pain and to keep the seizures under control. She actually walked yesterday (1/26/17) and it has been determined by the doctors she can now leave the hospital and go to a physical therapy rehab home! (PS- Here is the link to the video I posted shortly after she was admitted. https://www.facebook.com/Rhonda.SuperFox/videos/10154909416876209/ )

The dr came in who was in agreement that she would be a vegetable all her life, gave me a "fist bump" and said "congratulations mom"! Yeah...right on to that! Next I need to get those three neurologists who all wanted her off life support and show them they were so wrong! She's a beautiful human who has a second chance at life simply because I said all she needs is time and rest and she'll come back. I fought against so many people, but my persistence paid off!! One month ago, we almost pulled her life support! Think about that! She will also be in a special clinical study and will be published in a medical book. We just gave consent to that today.

She is returning, but the process will be slow. She does currently have insurance as of Jan 1st, but there is a copay and deductible we have to meet. She is most likely going to need long term care, and moving to a rehab facility this weekend. This benefit will assist in reaching our GoFund goal (shown here: https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/zq-sterling-rose-moonie-icu-stay )

Those of you that personally know Sterling, as well as myself, know what she and I have done for the local music community. She would spend her last dime if it would help someone in need. We often did shows and paid out bands and left with nothing ourselves or in the negative, paying out of our pocket. She is such a loving, giving, true soul and she needs a little help at this time to maintain bills and things around her hospital and long term care costs.

Also, there is a special page for her set up on facebook where you can track her story from day one, as well as watch each day's progress. I have been at the hospital by her side 24 hours a day since Dec 18th with having gone home only three times. I firmly believe that with my being here, loving her, talking to her, playing music, and with the overwhelming amount of support of both friends, family, and strangers~she's had thousands of people praying for her on a daily basis, she has come back to us. The direct link to that page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/253898305044926/

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